I want to list my vehicle(s) on Ultimate RV; how do I do that?
Simply sign up for an account. Any account on Ultimate RV Rentals has the ability to list RVs, upload pictures, and descriptions, as well as message Rental Operators for renting RVs.

What is Ultimate RV Rentals?
Ultimate RV is a website for travelers seeking to rent Motorhomes and RV trailers that allows travelers to search for vehicles nationwide by city, state, or zip code. The Ultimate RV website aggregates both small and large rental companies as well as individual owners who want to rent out their vehicles. This website allows the individual customer to search multiple vehicle types and view detailed information for each rental including photos, rates, geographical location, etc. all within a user-friendly interface that makes searching easy. Travelers inquire directly with the rental operators and confirm their reservations.

I'm interested in renting a vehicle for my vacation; how do I get information on availability in my area?
Search for your vehicle on our home page and then click the "Click here to contact the owner" button for the vehicle you are interested in. On this page you will see more specifics and pictures of the vehicle and be able to message the Owner. This sends a message directly to the rental operator letting them know you are interested in learning more about their vehicle.

I would like to contact the owner of a vehicle; do I need to create an account?
Yes. Click Here to create an account. Only your email and name are needed to Rent vehicles or list your vehicles available for rent.

I don't know the difference between the vehicle types (Class A, Class B, etc.); how do I know what type is right for me?
Each vehicle type has its pros and cons. We recommend reading about the basic differences between Motorhome Classes and Travel Trailer types by visiting the Description of Units page.

Have more specific questions regarding your rental?
Rates and rental terms and conditions vary by rental operator. Contact your rental operator for information on pricing, mileage, renter requirements, insurance, etc.

I'm a rental operator and I have received a message from a prospective renter; how do I respond to it?
The email account you have associated with your Ultimate RV Rentals account will receive an email displaying the new message. Simply log back into your Ultimate RV Rentals account and visit the Message Center. It’s that easy!